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錦  繡  大  拼  盤
Blossom Platter(Sm) 28.00 (Lg) 38.00

It is wonderful, delectable and toothsome! Our famous barbecue combination platter with jelly fish, pork hock, roast duck, B.B.Q. chicken, spicy beef shank, B.B.Q. pork and pickle vegetable.
三                     拼
B.B.Q. Three Delicacy Combination19.95

(燒   肉   加   $2.00)
Substitute with roast pig - $2.00 extra.
雙                     拼
B.B.Q. Two Delicacy Combination13.95

(燒   肉   加   $2.00)
Substitute with roast pig - $2.00 extra.
海    鮮     沙     律
Chinese Seafood Salad12.95

Shrimp, scallop, fish filet, crab meat, squid in snow-white sarcastie lemon in combination with mayonnaise, over chilled lettuce.
雞        沙         律
Chinese Chicken Salad10.95

Simply outstanding! Poach boneless & skinless chicken breast with fresh lettuce, rice noodle tossed in our sweet pickle & ginger sauce.
雞  鬆  或  鴨  鬆
Minced Chicken or Minced Duck (6)15.95

Sauteed minced chicken or duck, bamboo shoot, watercrest nut, mushroom, Chinese sausage, pinenut with toasted rice noodles, served with hoi sin sauce and lettuce cups.
熱                     拼
Assorted Appetizers (for two)15.95

Egg rolls, fried shrimps, fried wontons and spareribs. Served with our fruity sweet & sour sauce.
桂  林  炸  蝦  丸
Guilin Shrimp Ball (6)12.95

A unique mixture of succulent shrimp paste, crumbly bread crispy cooked in perfect hue with Sam Woo plum sauce or sweet & sour sauce.
百  花  釀  蟹  拑
Deep Fried Stuffed Crab Claw (2)12.95

Stuffed crab claw with shrimp paste, deep fried in light batter, served with sweet and sour sauce (option).
燒        排         骨
B.B.Q. Spareribs (4)11.95

Barbecue honey-glazed back ribs, using our age-old technique, marinated in a well-guarded Sam Woo's family B.B.Q. formula. You must try!
叉                     燒
B.B.Q. Pork9.95

Barbecue honey-glazed pork prepared in a secret flavoring using our ancient technique. You must try!
炸        雲         吞
Fried Wonton (10)7.95

Crispy and breakable noodle wrapper with shrimp paste, served with our fruity sweet & sour flavored sauce.
炸        蟹         角
Fried Crab Puffs (8)7.95

Crispy wheat wrapper stuffed with a tasty mixture of crab meat and cream cheese, served with plum sauce. Great starter!
鍋                     貼
Pan Fried Dumpling (8)9.95

Pan fried a wheat wrapper filled fresh vegetables and pork, served with our Sam Woo pot stickers sauce or garlic chili pepper sauce. Simple & irresistible!
蒸                     餃
Steamed Dumpling (8) 9.95

Steamed a wheat wrapper filled fresh vegetables and pork, served with our Sam Woo pot stickers sauce or garlic chili pepper sauce. Simple & irresistible!
素    菜     春     卷
Spring Roll (4)6.95

Delicately crispy wrapper filled with vegetables served with our yummy Sam Woo sweet & sour flavored sauce.

Prices subject to change without notice.
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