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三 和 主 廚 鮮 羹
Chef's Special Seafood Soup24.95

Supreme Mixed Dry Seafood Soup
Supreme Seafood with Angel Hair Soup15.95

Healthy Bean Curd & Mixed Seafood with angel hair Soup
鮑  魚  雞  片  湯
Abalone and Chicken Soup15.95

Sliced of abalone and chicken w/greens bathed in our chef's supreme soup.
四  寶  瑤  柱  羹
Dried Scallop Soup15.95

Dried scallop and shredded mushrooms, bamboo shoots, blended with delicious supreme soup.
雞  茸  魚  肚  羹
Fish Maw with Chicken Soup15.95

Diced fish maw w/minced chicken blended w/ our chef's delicious soup.
海  鮮  酸  辣  湯
Seafood Hot and Sour Soup12.95

Mixed Seafood Bean Curd and Mushroom in Spicy pepper Soup
蟹  肉  冬  茸  羹
Crab Meat with Mashed Winter Melon Soup12.95

Mashed Winter Melon, Carb Meat with Thick Soup
三  鮮  鍋  巴  湯
Three Flavor Sizzling Rice Soup11.95

Sliced of chicken, beef and shrimp in our chef's special soup served with sizzling rice.
海  皇  豆  腐  羹
Seafood with Bean Curd Soup11.95

Healthy bean curd and mixed seafood with supreme soup. Light and healthy dietitian's lover!
八  珍  冬  瓜  湯
Winter-Melon Soup11.95

Diced winter melon, pork, shrimp, roasted duck, crab meat, mushroom, carrots and beans bathed in our chef's supreme clear soup.
雞  茸  粟  米  羹
Chicken Creamy Corn Soup10.95

Minced chicken and creamy corn blended with a delicious chicken soup.
京  都  酸  辣  湯
Hot and Sour Soup10.95

A seductive blend of pork, bean curd and mushroom in peppery consomme spinkled with hot white pepper that creates an appetite for more.
西  湖  牛  肉  羹
West Lake Beef Soup10.95

A smooth and silky beef bouillon with minced beef, waterchestnut, and topped with fresh cilantro.
窩    雲     吞     湯
Wor Wonton Soup10.95

We'll make it easy for you by stuffing our famous H.K. wontons with shrimp, chicken and beef. We have them swimming with Chinese greens in a hearty broth. Talk about good swimmers.

Prices subject to change without notice.
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