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豉    椒     鮮     魷
Squid with Black Bean Sauce14.95

Sauteed squid with bell pepper onion and black bean sauce.
椒    鹽     鮮     魷
Spicy Salt Squid14.95

Deep fried squid lightly battered, sprinkled with spicy salt, fresh red chili & green onions. Appetizing and mouth watering! You will want to come back again and again!
時    菜     鮮     魷
Sauteed Squid with Seasonal Greens14.95

Sauteed squid with a aromatic wine sauce over fresh Chinese green.
油    泡     鮮     魷
Sauteed Squid14.95

Sauteed them, stir fry them with house special supreme sauce.
豉    椒     生     蠔
Oyster with Black Bean Sauce16.95

Sauteed oyster along with bell pepper, onion and black bean sauce.
薑    蔥     生     蠔
Oyster with Ginger and Scallions16.95

Fresh oyster sauteed with ginger & fresh green onions with our special a light flavorful wine sauce. This one is excellent choice for seafood.
酥    炸     生     蠔
Deep Fried Oyster16.95

Golden brown and battered fresh oyster, served with spicy salt or lemon. And also very good deep with Worcestershire sauce.
豉    椒     肉     蜆
Clam with Black Bean Sauce16.95

Super Cantonese dish seasoned with garlic and ginger, sauteed in bell pepper, onion and black bean sauce.
薑    蔥     肉     蜆
Clam with Ginger and Scallion16.95

Fresh clam sauteed with a light flavorful wine sauce, ginger and fresh green onions.

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